Business & Community Guides

The response to the Springfield Guide has been extremely positive. We would recommend this experience to other municipalities seeking a creative way to do a first class marketing publication.

Brian Conners
Operations Development Coordinator
Springfield, Massachusetts

Business, Nonprofit & Community Guide

"The Town of Southborough and the Economic Development Team cannot thank you enough for the outstanding job GDP did in publishing our Business, Nonprofit and Community Guide. The Board of Selectmen, CEOs, Developers, Nonprofit Leaders and Residents commented about the impressive quality of the brochure and how well it captured the unique features of our town that attract businesses and newcomers to our community. 
The photography was extraordinary, the creative layout, superb editing and use of dynamic colors made the publication enticing.  The Guide is an impressive first class publication that demonstrates GDP’s highest levels of professionalism and qualities that distinctly differentiates you above your competitors. Thank you for being so customer focused and responsive to our needs.
We wish you and members of your team continued success."
Christopher Robbins
Economic Development Team
Southborough, MA